Current Research Vision


To collaboratively develop and implement a comprehensive research plan to understand the causes of the declines and recoveries of AYK salmon.

– AYK Steering Committee, 2004


By 2012 we will have expanded knowledge to ensure sustainable uses of wild salmon for future generations. To implement this vision, we will do the following:

  • Develop a self-sustaining, coordinated research effort that continues into the future.
  • Complete a capacity building program that enables rural residents of the AYK region to effectively participate in co-management of AYK salmon resources.
  • Ensure broad understanding, acceptance, and commitment to implement our Research Plan.

– AYK Steering Committee, 2004

AYK Research and Restoration Program Goals

By 2012, assemble existing information, gain new information and improve techniques for understanding the trends and causes of variation in salmon abundance and human use of salmon that support sustainable use and restoration through a collaborative and inclusive process.

– AYK Research and Restoration Plan, 2006