Guiding Principles & Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding

Download the full text of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which lays out the structure and aims of the AYK SSI as signed by the seven signatory organizations and agencies.

Download the complete MOU (389.5kB PDF file).

Guiding Principles

AYK SSI seeks to:

  • Address the pressing research needs throughout the salmon life cycle and will consider proposals related to the freshwater, near shore and marine phases of AYK salmon stocks, as well as research proposals spanning multiple life-history phases.
  • Allocate funds in a manner to obtain the greatest good for the fisheries and users in the AYK area and the ecosystems upon which they depend. This includes the use of traditional and cultural knowledge and participatory research.
  • Maximize the use of available funds through coordination with other fishery agencies, funding sources and plans. Collaborative research jointly-funded with such entities should be undertaken to the maximum extent practicable.
  • Develop an AYK Research & Restoration Plan that will take into account existing research plans of the region and shall be based upon recommendations forwarded by a Scientific Technical Committee (STC) of disciplinary experts. This Research & Restoration Plan will go beyond providing a single, static prescription of research activities. Instead, it will provide an ongoing process whereby research activities are guided, selected, reviewed and modified over time to reflect the outcome and knowledge obtained from research and restoration activities.