Regional Salmon Research Plans

Kuskokwim Area Salmon Research Plan (KASRP)

The Kuskokwim Fisheries Resources Coalition (KFRC) is a grassroots organization formed to cooperatively address fisheries issues in the Kuskokwim Area. The KFRC is composed of representatives from groups involved in salmon fishery issues throughout the region, including local and regional non-profit organizations as well as federal and state agencies. The KFRC developed a sub-regional plan to complement the larger AYK Sustainable Salmon Initiative.

This plan, termed the Kuskokwim Area Salmon Research Plan (KASRP), includes a comprehensive effort to synthesize existing fisheries data and to identify priority information needed for sustaining salmon populations. The mission of the plan is to:

Prepare and implement a long-range comprehensive research plan for the Kuskokwim Area focused on maintenance of wild salmon populations that provides for the natural range of variability in ecosystem function while striving to meet human needs.

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The following three documents were produced as part of the planning process and are available for review:

Norton Sound Research & Restoration Plan (NS RRP)

The Norton Sound Research & Restoration Plan was designed to provide as much specific advice as possible on how to select projects needed to advise managers and residents of the region on short-term and long-term research and restoration actions needed to secure sustainable salmon resources. The document includes a prioritization of research activities. Projects range from the relatively low-tech small-scale private contractor type to the high-tech large-scale agency type.

Salmon included in this plan originate in the tributaries to Norton Sound from Point Romanof and Port Clarence in the northwest to the Pikmiktalik River, just east of the Yukon River delta in the south. Forty-two key river systems in this area were identified by the Norton Sound/Bering Strait Regional Planning Team to have spawning salmon.

Download Report: Research and Restoration Plan for Norton Sound Salmon (861kB PDF file).